Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Honey Crisp Apple Cups

When I saw apple cups on Pinterest I was wondering how they got the apples hollowed out so nicely but it was easier than I thought!

1. You make a straight cut off the top of the apple.
2. Take a melon baller, teaspoon, or small ice cream scoop and start digging out the middle. Leave a good fourth of an inch around the edge so it has a nice cup shape.
3. Soak in lemon-lime soda if you plan to not use them right away and stick them in the fridge.
4. If you are ready to use them then fill them with something yummy and enjoy!

I filled mine with caramel, topped with brown sugar and served with a side of graham crackers.

Some other ideas would be:

Ice cream with caramel and chocolate syrup, pudding (vanilla, chocolate, white chocolate, etc) and whipped cream, caramel dip with a side of apple slices or you could use them for baked apples.

The possibilities are endless!!

PS Honeycrisp apples are back on the shelf so get those tasty suckers and nom them hard! They only stick around until early spring at the latest!

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