Monday, October 31, 2011

Cowboys and Pumpkins

So someone challenged their girlfriend to a friendly bet during their match up week in fantasy football.

If I lost, I had to give an ode to Timmy Thomas at Sunday dinner with my family, all while wearing one of the giant bows my mom forced me to wear back in elementary school. (I think I might have had to wear said bow all weekend as well but I can't remember)

Any who- If Eric lost he had to wear a Dallas Cowboys shirt all weekend which included his company picnic. Being a Giants fan he really didn't want to have to do this but alas he lost to me. Badly.

Puntin Penguins (Me) vs. Dropkick Fluties (Eric). DOMINATION.

Here is a photo montage of our weekend travels: (Excuse the poor quality photos, most were taken on my phone)

Sad about his new shirt

Please don't take my picture....

Lunch at Mooyah where they had an AWESOME balloon artist...oh and depressed Eric eating a yummy burger.

Balloon Mario! OH YEAH!

Moving on from lunch to a pumpkin patch out in Grapevine...

Here is Mario in the corn maze where he lost his leg!

My bad...

Mario and Eric get lost amoungst the corn.

Everybody getting lost in the maze..

Me and Mario outside the corn maze being goofy.

oh Mario...

Pumpkin #1 acquired

Pumpkins #2-4 located... happy family :)

On to Home Depot! Eric chatting with a fellow non-Cowboys fan...sigh...

On the way home a quick pit stop... to the COWBOYS PRACTICE STADIUM. Someone is SUPER excited!

The next afternoon after getting a reprieve from wearing the shirt to golf (stupid dress code), we headed to Eric's office party. Luckily for us, they had a mechanical bull there waiting for us!

Later after the party we headed to my parents house to watch the end of the game... where the Cowboys lost. Eric was happy...

...until I yelled at him and told him to be sad, amoungst other things.

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