Monday, September 5, 2011

Noooooooo not my Gum Drop Buttons!!!

As you have probably guessed, I found yet another delicious recipe on pinterest...Gingerbread Cookies! But this isn't the kind that you make little gingerbread men out of to devour limb by limb. These are the regular shaped yummy yum yum chewy kind :) You can check out the recipe here. These take all of 5 minutes to mix and each batch of cookies takes around 8 minutes to cook- SO EASY!

Delicious Dough-

Rolling the dough in granulated sugar-

Getting ready to bake these bad boys, flatten them just slightly on the cookie sheet-

Starting to smell good-


Beautiful gingerbread cookies-


Aren't these pretty?

A few of these + a big glass of milk = HEAVEN!

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