Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm a Little Tea Pot...Tea Cup... Cookie?...Cake?

So my adorable cousin Madison, celebrated her 2nd birthday a few weeks ago and in celebration I created tea cup cookies and tea cup shaped cake.

A few days prior to the party, I made my fav white chocolate sugar cookies and stored them in an air tight container to decorate a couple days later.

Then I printed up a tea cup template and traced it with edible ink food markers on all the cookies. I came back and traced the outside circle of the cookie with pink royal icing and the tea cup with white royal icing.

My delightful boyfriend helped flood the pink part of the cookies. Here he is before I made him stop "helping" ;)

After cookies came the tea cup cake!  One layer vanilla white cake and one layer of strawberry cake. The strawberry layer was sooooo moist and yummy :)

mmmm buttercream icing!

For some reason I didnt take any pics of the cake when it was done... not sure what happened there. Sooo I stole this pic from my mom :) Thanks Mom, you rock!

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