Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date Night Food

Chicken pot pie and I don't care, chicken pot pie and I don't care! Well...I do care actually that's why I made this pot pie! I kind of love my boyfriend (hence the sappy hearts) and what guy doesn't like a delightfully homemade pot pie?!

Ignore my ugly crust, I broke it by poorly pulling it out of the oven. My bad.

Then after dinner I was cruising Pinterest...btw have you been on this website? So great for keeping recipes w/ photos, craft ideas, style and home decorating ideas. It's a woman's dream website. If you want an invite to join the awesomeness that is pinterest let me know! Anyways...I was cruising pinterest when I came across "Mug Cakes". A delicious cake baked right into to your mug via the microwave in about 5 mins (7-10 mins with prep depending on if you stick to the recipe or not)!

I made a chocolate one for myself and a white chocolate one for Eric, both with marshmallows.

I don't think these smores happened the same night, perhaps the night before but they were all in the same folder so why not show these beauties to you!

I didn't have a skewer or large marshmallows so I melted the chocolate a bit in the micro and tossed mini marshmallows on top.

Then it was blow torch time! After toastin' those white fluffy beauties it was smore eatin' time! Woot woot!

You like? I love my mini kitchen torch. Perfect for creme brulee or in this case smores!

I love it so much I randomly like to light things on fire to see what happens, see the example below. Eric fully supports this habit and jumped right in to torch his own marshmallows.


Crispy little sucker...

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