Friday, July 1, 2011

Coming Down the Pipeline..

Over the last week, I have been looking at every blog, news article, website, cook book, you name it! for general food, cooking and baking inspiration and let me tell you...I HAVE FOUND IT! There are so many creative people out just baking up a storm and leaving a trail of delicious goodies behind them! Yum yum!

Now where is this going you ask? Sit down, put on those reading glasses (come on Mom, you know you can barely read this *wink*) and let's look at a few things I will be trying my hand at in the upcoming weeks!


Who doesn't like wedding cake? *Everyone looks around sheepishly* No one? Bueller? Bueller?

Okay that's what I thought! Now, who doesn't like sugar cookies? ....I see more blank stares, so I will take that as everyone loves them :)

Excellent! What does this mean? It means, thanks to the ever inspiring Martha Stewart and her crafty ideas, my first experiment for this blog will be combining the two to make this little gem:

Now you can click on the image to see Martha's recipe if you would like to try them on your own!

I, however, will be making this with my new fav sugar cookie recipe found here. I'd just like to mention that white chocolate sugar cookies might be my new favorite kind of cookie! They have just a hint of that white chocolaty flavor, they are super easy to make and you don't have to refrigerate over night! I hate getting all excited about making cookies until you realize you have to refrigerate them overnight and can't bake them right away! BLAH!

*Stomps around like a toddler* I WANT MY COOKIES RIGHT NOW!

haha just kidding but really, you only let these chill for 15 mins to set them up a bit and they are ready to go.

Anywho...back to the cookie wedding cakes! How adorable are they?! Really you could make them for any occasion. Change the royal icing color to blue and pink, use a miniature baby rattle mold to make a little chocolate to stick on top and instant baby shower goodie! Add rainbow sprinkles and a brightly colored icing and BAM! birthday cake. So many ideas are just flowing through my little brain for these things.

For now, I will just stick to a simple wedding cake version.

Now for my second magic trick.. I mean... 2nd cookie experiment...
I shall make some fun Fourth of July cookies. But remember it never hurts to be patriotic, so really you should make these anytime you want! I didn't buy the magazine so I have no idea what her instructions are but I plan to make white chocolate sugar cookies and decorate with royal icing. I will flood with white icing then follow with thin red and blue icing. After that you just drag a toothpick through it to get a fun design and you are done. Yippee!

Aren't these lovely? Like little cookie pinwheels?

So there ya have it! Stay tuned for photos and my always entertaining commentary of these delightful cookie projects!

P.S.- Thanks Martha!

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  1. I didn't need my reading glasses at all thank you very much. : )